Success Stories

Umar Zahid

I am Engr. Umar Zahid benefited resident of District Swabi, located in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

I have completed my FSc from Quaid International Model School and College Swabi. I was fortunate enough to get admission in BSc Civil at Wah Engineering College, University of Wah. Fortunately, with diligence and hard work and prayers of my parents, I got overall 1st position in Civil Engineering Department and was awarded with gold medal. I am honored to be a part of this prestigious institute considering this period of four years as the most vital and significant in my personality development.

Soon after graduation, I entered a professional life as an interne with Maymor Consultant Company and realized that the quality time I had spent during the bachelors degree, had immensely helped in my professional development. After spending some time with Maymor, it was realized that the students of Wah Engineering College are critically strong at the basic concepts of Civil Engineering and are able to easily correlate the theoretical knowledge with the practical field, which I believe is all due to experienced, highly focused and qualified faculty members. After having spent some time in field, I have switched my career towards academics and believe that the knowledge and experience I possess should be conveyed to the students, and in order to pursue it, I have joined my Alma Mater as a Lab Engineer and looking forward to enhancing my academic potential by enrolling in MS Structural Engineering.

The key to success is how focused and passionate you are about something.

Syeda Kainat Fatima

By the grace of Allah Almighty, I have got my masters degree in Statistics in 2018 from Department of Statistics, University of Wah .The experienced and qualified teachers helped me a lot in preparing myself for further studies and I had successfully completed MPhil from Arid Agriculture University, Rawalpindi in 2020.I am currently serving as Biostatistician in Dental College HITEC-IMS. I am grateful To UW generally and specifically to my teacher for their keen guidance and support in building my personality and career.

Sajida Riffat Laraib

Sajida Riffat Laraib is a talented multilingual Mechanical engineer, A graduate of 2015. She won a fully funded scholarship in School of Renewable Energy for master’s at the prestigious Institute of North China Electric Power University, Beijing China.

She stood as the only female to have won the Outstanding Researcher Award which led her to win a fully funded scholarship for PhD at the same University.

While she was residing in China, she represented Pakistani youth at multiple platforms. She thoroughly worked for SCO and Belt and Road Initiative to strengthen the ties between the countries. She also worked as a project manager at "Silk Road Cities Alliance".

Currently, she is a strategic Partner and Country Head for a tech company; Sinofy studios. Her hustle never stopped there, she owns a logistics company and is currently providing her consultation to a US based firm 'Motive'.

Abdul Karim Shah

Engr. Abdul Karim Shah Alumni of Electrical Engineering department of WEC and Chief Executive of Blink Technologies. Engineers run this world, a phrase I went through, observed, and experienced. As an admirer, I devoted myself to this noble profession as an engineer and secured admission in the electrical stream of engineering to power the world through the Wah Engineering College platform. You might have heard that if you do what you love, you will achieve new heights. Yeah, I witnessed, WEC witness. I put my heart into this noble field, and, with the friendly environment of our experienced faculty, it was a dessert to my hard work. If I shed light on my stay at WEC, I took part in curriculum activities, developed my coding skills, experienced reality in labs, and spent long, tiring hours in the library to widen the horizons of my knowledge. But do I need to be a book worm? Is it okay? Nope, never. I advanced in extracurricular activities, became secretary of the student council, an ambassador of reputed international organizations, HULT, and national organizations such as RISE. I bagged multiple awards in the fields of sports, technology, interpersonal skills, and academia. I was named the Departmental Gold medalist as standing first in Electrical Engineering Department Batch 2017, I was also named Distinguish student of the faculty Gold Medalist and Student of the year Gold medalist. I am not a bookworm or a bunker, but by balancing my life, I was able to achieve new heights that no one could have imagined, and my sincere advice to anyone reading this is to believe in yourself and balance yourself. I would like to take this opportunity to thank my respected faculty for their support, cooperation, and faith in me. I am Abdul Karim Shah, Over and Out.

Hafiz Farhaj Khan

My Name is Engr. Hafiz Farhaj Khan. Currently, I am working as Sub Divisional Officer (SDO) at IESCO, Islamabad. WEC is one of the best place for acquiring knowledge and is the perfect choice for today's competitive and challenging world because of its highly qualified faculty members and dynamic administration. By the grace of Almighty Allah, WEC shaped me from an ordinary learner to a scholastic student in the intensive period of 3 years master studies, which enable me to deliver because I was trained by WEC.

Naveed Anwar

I am Engr. Naveed Anwar. I completed my MS Electrical Engineering from UW in 2020. This University played a key role in my career building. Currently, I am serving as Jr. Lecturer at Wah Engineering College. The curriculum and laboratory environment at WEC was very challenging and diverse. I learned to manage my time, apply myself to complete challenging assignments, to write effectively, and to quickly learn the fundamental concepts of any field and analyze a great deal of information. The last skill is perhaps my greatest strength professionally which prepared me to succeed after WEC in many ways.

Ali Hassan

Nothing in this world was ever achieved without hard work, to me hard work is the only pathway to success. Since my graduation from Wah Engineering College in 2015, I have achieved many targets in my life. With the prayers of my parents, I started from TSML Group as Shift Engineer Production Department where I learned the trade of Production handling, team leading, and man management, now I am successfully leading my Production Team at Sharif Group. Through the years I have received many accolades in my life from being a CR of my Class to registering Chemical Engineering Chapter of WEC in AICHE, representing my University at Different Interuniversity competitions, receiving my MSc Chemical Engineering from the University of Punjab etc. for me being successful is achieving your goals and ALHUMDULILLAH I have achieved many of them.

Ayesha Masoom

Limit is something which only exists in our minds. With determination, precision, consistency, motivation, and handwork there is nothing one cannot attain. When I was admitted to WEC (Wah Engineering College) in Chemical Engineering Department, I was not so confident, but later, by the help and support of my teachers, I became confident and got the courage to hold my head up and conquer. That is the main reason which makes me able to receive the Distinguished Student of Faculty Award. Being a part of WEC, I felt blessed, and I am very thankful to my teachers for bringing the best of me out. There is the best educational experience any student could have asked for. That day is not far when people will recognize me with the name of WEC and I am very grateful to the Institute for providing guidelines and motivation to inspire me to achieve my goals. Currently, I am doing my masters in chemical engineering at WEC and doing job here as lab engineer. Just a piece of advice: dont ever doubt your worth and always believe in your dreams, anything is possible with the right amount of effort and courage.

Syed Faiz Ul Hassan

Being successful is the desire of all of us residing over this lovely planet. I want the absolute best for myself so, I chose UW. My journey towards UW had started in 2017. I am graduate student in the Chemistry Department. It's a unique institution and the professors and lecturers aren't just teachers, they're mentors too. Thank you so much for facilitating such a positive learning environment, amazing lectures, and discussions. One of the most important thing I learned from this organization was the importance of building and planning of future. After completion of my degree, I applied for fellowship in PIEAS. I was fortunate enough to receive my graduate Research fellowship from PIEAS in a trial. This scholarship lightened my financial burden. I do analytical and nuclear research in labs. I cannot imagine any possible way to truly express my thanks to UW. Finishing my degree at UW is one of the best choices i have ever made. This achievement dedicated to all my teachers who inspired a desire for lifelong learning. Though it wasn't all easy, much of where I have gotten today will not be possible without the support of my teachers. It is because of their constant guidance through this journey that i have been able to embrace the values and lessons of UW.

Bushra Shakoor

My name is Bushra Shakoor. I completed my MS in Inorganic Chemistry from University of Wah in 2021 with research work on biomedical activities of oxygen and sulfur donor compounds and their complexes with silver metal. The University of Wah played a significant impact in my professional development. Currently, I am working as a Research Assistant in the department of Chemistry. Aside from that, I am pursuing my PhD in Chemistry at the same institution. Throughout my experience, I found my department and management to be helpful. University provided me with a platform to hone my skills under the guidance of highly efficient and skilled faculty. For research, the university provided a well-established laboratory. I have attended numerous symposia and international conferences, as well as presented and published a research article at one of them. In addition, I wrote a review paper that was published in the journal "Royal Society of Chemistry." All these activities have extended my horizons and broadened my expertise in my field. I strongly encourage everyone to attend University of Wah for a high-quality education. I hope that my university will continue to expand and become one of Pakistan's and the world's top universities.

Ali Nasir

I am Engr. Ali Nasir benefited resident of Wah Cantt, District Rawalpindi, Located in Punjab, Pakistan.

I did Pre-Engineering from HITEC,Taxila a renowned institute of Pakistan. I was fortunate enough to get admission in BSc Civil at Wah Engineering College, University of Wah. Fortunately, with diligence, hard work and prayers of my parents I graduated from Civil Engineering Department. I am honored to be a part of this prestigious institute considering this period of four years as the most vital and significant in my personality development.

Soon after graduation, I entered a professional life as a Site Engineer in Wah Construction Limited a subsidiary of POF Wah Cantt at a project of Hospital and DCW complex at Wah Cantt Pakistan. In the same organization I was appointed as AM Procurement and Transportation, during this period I realized that the students of Wah Engineering College are critically strong at the basic concepts of Civil Engineering and can easily correlate the theoretical knowledge with the practical field, which I believe is all due to experienced, highly focused, and qualified faculty members. Afterwards I have switched my career towards academics and believe that the knowledge and experience I possess should be conveyed to the students, and to pursue it, I have joined my Alma Mater as a Lab Engineer and pursuing my MS in Transportation Engineering at NUST.

Aaisha Shaukat

I Aaisha Shaukat, earned my MSc degree in Psychology from the University of Wah. My kind teachers were instrumental in helping me gain the skills and information I needed to not only finish my degree but also polish my hidden talent to reach my full potential. I owe my gratitude to my professors. After my MSc I completed my MS Clinical Psychology from Bahria University Islamabad. I am currently employed as a lecturer in the Department of Psychology at the University of Wah.

Dr. Muhammad Sultan Irshad

I came to UOW as an undergraduate student to join the physics department then called the class UW-11-PHY-BS-062 in 2011. So, what changed? Nothing apparently. I embraced the change. I started seeing myself and the potential my future may hold. All because of being at UOW. And just as people need a push in their lives from a mentor, a leader at the cusp of my graduation I was prodded by my undergraduate adviser to accept an invitation to join COMSATS University, under the able supervision of Dr. Muhammad Idrees in 2016. Since then, I have not looked back. I wanted to study further, but via scholarship, I had been on a merit-based scholarship at COMSATS Lahore- thus the motivation, and I wanted to travel. I studied for a master’s in physics in the experimental field at the Nano-materials lab. I worked on a unique thin-film technology for data storage devices, and My research was published in well-reputed international journals e.g., Scientific Reports, Nature, RSC Advances, and American Chemical Society.

This led me to join the well renowned Key Laboratory for the Green Preparation and Application of Functional Materials, and eventually to my Ph.D. admission on Chinese government scholarship into Hubei University in Wuhan, China in 2019. Another moment in my life where I needed a push from a supervisor “Prof. Xianbao Wang” As inequitable as it may sound, life can be condensed into a few key moments. What you do, and what you decide during these moments shape your future, and believe it or not, helps you put your past into perspective. Oh yes! Even before I started my doctorate I wanted to contribute to tech-oriented solutions to pressing challenges of our society e.g., water scarcity. It was one of the things that were just cemented in my head - I had to do it see a shade of stubbornness? Since finishing with my Ph.D. along with an excellent thesis, and most excellent international student awards. I have had the opportunity to build solar-driven water purification and simultaneous electricity generation devices.

Currently, I am a post-doctoral researcher at Shenzhen University, Shenzhen, and his research interest focus on nano-enabled photothermal materials for multi-functional systems e.g., water-energy nexus, disinfection, and treatment of wastewater, cogeneration of water-thermoelectricity, and all-in-one integrated piezo-photothermal for tactile sensing and power generation. He published more than 30 papers during the 05 years of his research career. But life is not a destination, it's a journey. You win some, you lose some. And what better way is there to learn than to fail and fail fast? It may be a cliché but it is true - what does not kill you, makes you stronger. I have now moved on from these experiences - embracing change, and persevering. Happiness most definitely is a state of mind, but it goes arm in arm with your individuality. And happiness is not measured, it's lived. Where Irsquo;m today is a very happy spot. This time I was not prodded, I was found by someone who is no longer. And yes someday, yet again for another time, I will embrace another change and I will persevere. Because change is the only constant in life.

Syed Muhammad Ammar Hassan

My name is Syed Muhammad Ammar Hassan and I have done my graduating from the university of Wah in 2021. Well, today I am so glad to write my success story as a student of the Management Sciences Department. Well, my university journey started in 2017 as an ordinary student with a lot of dreams. On the first day after the orientation and interaction with some teachers I have make up my mind to be the topper of my department and wanted to be a gold medalist. I have started working on that goal. With each passing day, I was making some new goals every semester. So my dream comes true. With the help of Allah and the prayers of my parents and teacher I graduated from the Management Sciences Department in Accounting and Finance Specialization as a Departmental topper and Received a Gold medal on Convocation. Alongside my extraordinary Studies, I have also taken part in co-curricular activities, in my 5th semester I have won an election of Student Council Secretary and in my 7th semester, I have represented my university as Student Council President. It was my dream to become the president of my university and I have accomplished it Alhamdulillah. Also, I have done some internships to develop my skills and get experience in how to work in an organization, so I have done my first internship in my own university admission cell and my second internship in Bank Alfalah Limited. Just after completing my degree, I got a job in Sapphire PVT LTD as an Internal Auditor. Well, this is it. I want to thank my teachers who play a great role in my successful university life and my parents who keep pushing me towards my goals. I have some advice for my juniors who reading up my story always give your best, stop wasting time thinking about favoritism and leg pulling, if you want to be successful and topper in university give your 100 percent always. THANK YOU.

Balquees Kanwal

My Name is Balquees Kanwal. Currently, I am pursuing my PhD in Cancer Biology from NUST. Having said that, it would have been inconceivable and unthinkable to get enrolled in NUST without getting experience from University of Wah. For that I wish to reflect briefly on my journey with UW in 2013 as a fresh student of Biosciences. It didn't take me long to adjust with the University environment as it got everything what a student dreams for. Highly qualified faculty, fully equipped lab, friendly classmates, equipped lab, friendly classmates, helpful departmental staff have been the hallmark of University of Wah. One of the most cherished moments at UW was that when I was awarded Gold Medal for having ranked first in my department. I am truly humbled to say that I owe a lot of what I am today to the strong foundation I received at UW. I hope and pray that years down the line, I will be able to repay the favor and support to my alma mater.

Ijaz Akbar

Mr. Ijaz Akbar completed his BSc Engineering in mechanical engineering in 2017 with distingtion. His commitments to engineering sciences enabled him to win a prestigious French Government scholarship in 2018 called "Make our Planet Great Again" to pursue his Master's degree at INSA France. As a result, he managed to rank first in his class, and currently, he is in the 2nd year class of his PhD in 3D printing of smart materials at Art et Metier ParisTech and Texas A&M University USA. This continuous track of successful follow-up is an imperative sign of his solid background build-up during his stay at Wah Engineering College.

Muhammad Ismail Rashid

I have done my bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering in year 2021, from University of Wah and also won Gold Medal. Currently I have got scholorship for Master in Mechanical Engineering Technology from China, I would like to thanks Almighty Allah, my parents and efforts done by our very qualified teacher.